Jessica Bellingham is currently the Assistant Registrar for The Lumiere Group, a Seattle-based consulting group specializing in the care of art collections. She has a Master of Arts in Museology from the University of Washington and is the former Assistant Collections Manager for Ethnology at the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture. She also holds a degree in art history and anthropology from SUNY Potsdam.

This website was created to host information about the Deaccessioning Toolkit for small museums. Originally a thesis project with the Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society, this guide to deaccessioning has blossomed into a resource for any small museum looking for advice and guidance in a deaccessioning project.

The toolkit outlines the deaccessioning process and answers common questions about various aspects of disposal. Each section addresses a different aspect of the deaccessioning and disposal process. The appendices at the end of the toolkit include sample forms and documentation and a list of references that may be consulted for further guidance.

In summary, this toolkit:

  • Describes the deaccessioning and disposal process
  • Recommends standards for record-keeping
  • Provides instructions for establishing legal title to objects
  • Outlines procedures for various disposal methods
  • Includes issues to consider for each step of the process
  • Contains sample forms to use throughout a deaccessioning project

Please read the Disclaimer section of this website for more information on use of the toolkit.

Please contact the Author at jbelling(at)uw(dot)edu for more information on the Toolkit.



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